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The engineer's aesthetic, and architecture are two things that march together and follow one from the other. The one being now at its full height, the other in an unhappy state of retrogression. The engineer, inspired by the law of economy and governed by mathematical calculation, puts us in accord with universal law. He achieves harmony. The architect, by his arrangement of forms, realizes an order which is a pure creation of his spirit, by forms and shapes he affects our senses to an acute degree and provokes plastic emotions. By the relationships which he creates, he wakes profound echoes in us, he gives us the measure of an order which we feel to be in accordance with that of our world.. He determines the various movements of our heart and of our understanding. It is then, that we experience the sense of beauty. Our eyes are constructed to enable us to see forms in light. Primary forms are beautiful forms because they can be clearly appreciated.

Architects today no longer achieve these simple forms. Working by calculation, engineers employ geometrical forms, satisfying our eyes by their geometry and our understanding by their mathematics, their work is on the direct line of good art. THESE ARE FORMS ASSEMBLED IN THE LIGHT. A mass is enveloped in its surface, a surface which is divided up according to the directing and generating lines mass. architecture is the soul of the built enviroment, it is THE MOTHER ART. This gives the mass its individuality. Architects today are afraid of the geometrical constituents of surfaces.

The great problems of modern construction must have a geometrical solution. Forced to work in accordance with the strict needs of exactly determined conditions. Engineers make use of generating and accusing lines in relation to forms. They create limpid and moving plastic facts. The plan is the generator. Without a plan, you have lack of order, and willfulness. It is a SENSE OF BEauTY. The plan holds in itself the essence of sensation. The great problems of tomorrow, dictated by collective necessities, put the question of "plan" in a new form. Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and for the city. An inevitable element of architecture, is The necessity for order. The regulating line is a guarantee against willfulness. It brings satisfaction to the understanding. The regulating line is a means to an end it is not a recipe. Its choice and the modalities of its expression given to it, are a integral part of the architectural creation.